I'll see you when I see you!

Do you remember in the movie Elizabethtown, when Kirsten Dunst would take a "make believe" snapshot of special moments?  I found myself doing that over the past week and a half as I had vacationed with my husband, three daughters & my oldest daughters family, hubby & 2 kids! I've had more joy watching all my family interact.  As crazy as we get with our iPhone, snapping away photos we don't want to forget, there are moments that only get recorded in your memory & heart.  Those are the ones you cherish the most!  Our little three year old grandson, Finny, kept calling his mommy "Sissy Ashley" because he kept hearing his 4 & 11 year old aunts calling there sister by that name! ...and then saying goodbye at the airport, everyone unloaded to check their bags in and little Finny looked back so I could blow him a kiss & he said, "Im going on an airplane," and gave us the thumbs up! ( i swear he threw in a wink too) as if everything would be okay!  PZ5BPDBHDFE7

So, as much as we are taking in the digital pics, I want to remind you to take a deep breath & live in the moment snapping those "make believe" snapshots!  


FInn & Francie.JPG
Coco walking.JPG