Kitchen Cabinets

Creating an atmosphere in my home where creativity rules is always at the top of my list!   I got to the point where my kitchen cabinets were draining me!  We had paid extra for custom cabinets when we built our house, but they became lifeless and dated over twelve years.  I'm really drawn to a two tone look on cabinets.   I had recently picked out a gray that is a perfect neutral, as well as a crisp white that would compliment the gray.  Two tone cabinets speak to me in a classic Doris Day way or a Marilyn Monroe days vibe!  So I built up the courage to take on a huge project!  Focus, Endurance and Momentum were the key ingredients!  

As always, I started by prepping my canvas.  Cleaning the surface of the cabinets is very important.  It may involve taking a piece of fine sand paper and softening any rough surface too.  Tape off the walls or any area that is close to the cabinets.  Make sure to open windows for fresh air before painting!  I have a lot of cabinets so I gave myself increment goals to keep my project from becoming a job!  Prime, Paint, and SEAL!  I also had fun picking out updated hardware.  I wouldn't recommend taking on two-tone cabinets, but for someone who always has a paint brush in their hand it was like painting a piece of furniture.  For someone starting out of the gate, I would suggest staying with one solid color.  You want to complete the project!!  I just recently finished the built in hutch as you can see below.  I am grateful I took on such an enduring project, it definitely makes my house more enjoyable!